Essentials of Business and How to present your Business Idea

Trademark protection
Names, words, sequences of letters, logos, even color combinations and identification melodies can be protected by trademark law. The duration of protection is initially ten years, but can be extended again and again by ten years. You need to make a unique trademark for your business or company.

  • Registered designs
    Both graphic and plastic designs can be protected for up to 25 years by means of registered designs. It is a must have to register your designs so that no one else can copy them. A design can be registered as a novelty for up to a year after it has been put on the market.
  • Company
    Company names are automatically protected when they are entered in the commercial register, so no second company can operate under the same name in the same branch and in the same district. Company names can also be protected as brand names. Company names need to be unique to stand out in the market.
  • Domains
    As long as the trademark rights of others are not infringed, the domain name is protected when registered and only expires when it is deleted. After trademarking or even before that secure a domain name for your business. Domain names can also be protected as trademarks.

Presentation of a business idea

During the start-up phase and also during the subsequent business activity, the founders must always try to convince people of their business idea. Present in the confident tone and make other believe in your project too.

For this, the company founders need the appropriate communicative tool to convince their counterparts of their idea and thus of a profitable cooperation.

  1. Elevator pitch

Explaining your own business idea to a stranger during a single ride in the elevator – that is the idea behind an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a short lecture (approx. 30 seconds) that gives the conversation partner a brief but precise insight into the business idea. Of course, it should serve to win the conversation partner over to your own idea.

Important factors here are the emotional, pictorial address and the concise, but sociable style. Pictorial comparisons that are remembered by the listener and a linguistic staging that is constructed according to the AIDA (Attraction, Interest, Desire, Action) formula are popular.

The brevity of the presentation offers the possibility of him with phone calls or Smalltalk incorporated to make.

  1. Three-minute presentation

This form of presentation has established itself primarily at congresses, workshops and seminars in which several company founders present their business ideas in succession. It is quite common to present a few slides. The short period of time should not be understood as a limitation, but as an opportunity to assert yourself against the other speakers with a concise presentation and to impress the audience.

  1. Business plan

The business plan is the basis for discussion and argumentation for founders, as it gives an insight into their expertise and represents the roadmap for the company.

A business plan is a working paper that contains all the goals and strategies of a company with the basic requirements, projects and measures for a specific time frame.

  1. Internet presence

You can also think about a website to present your business idea. Both the investor and the future customer can use this to gain information and establish contact.

  1. Basic equipment

Business cards are indispensable when introducing yourself and your company in a personal conversation; they form the first bridge between interested parties and entrepreneurs.

Multimedia presentations are best put together in a detailed and a more concise version. It is important not to demotivate the audience with too much text, but to keep their attention through graphics and separating foils, to provide a view of the topic and to address the audience directly.

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